Burke County 8 pointer

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I thought I would share this buck that I got on Sunday afternoon. I think he came out a little earlier than usual because he couldn't feed on Sunday morning because of the ice storm. We had his picture on our trail camera and I had been hope to get him since I saw his picture.
Also, I know Woody can do some amazing things, but I may need another cape because if you look, there's a kinda big exit hole in the front, so if anyone has an extra cape or they kill a nice size buck that's not gonna be mounted send me a PM and maybe we can work something out. I'm going by Woody's tomorrow, so I'll know for sure then. Thanks!


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Beautiful buck!! Don't be too sure about not using that cape. They can do wonders now. The guy I use around these parts does a great job of fixing stuff like that. By the looks of Woodys work, I bet he can do a great job for ya. Congrats man!!!

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Nice buck Wade. I'm sure Woody can fix that cape up just fine. I have one on the wall that has an 06 hole in the throat patch and it came out fine.
Man what a fine buck! Congrats brother.

Dont worry about the cape, Woody will take care of it.

beautiful buck wade. when you gonna put lucky on one....or is that a lost cause?

:bounce: ;) :D

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Excellent Buck. I'm curious how long the G2's are. I've hunted outside of Girard at Yuchi WMA several times. Love the B-B-Q at Girard.

Lucky Chandler

Be nice, 'rack


You know that as a parent, I have a solemn duty to let the young'un have the primest, bestest stand. :D That's my story and I'm stickin' to it! :fine:


That is pretty good BBQ, isn't it? Try a "Sylvia" special sometime - it's BBQ, stew and rice in a big cup - you mix it all together and then pull out your knife so noboby else tries to take it from you. (Most people probably don't have to do the part with the knife, but Wade is always with me and that boy will try to eat his own groceries and then start on mine. :p )
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I've been trying to help Daddy out, I even ran what he said was a decent buck by him when I shot this one, but his story went something along the lines of "Well the fog was rolling in and I couldn't see him through my scope, and then he had to add in that the buck also stopped behind a tree so he couldn't get a shot :confused: But it's his story and he can tell it any way he wants to ::ke:

That is good barbeque in Girard, but I do have to brag on Daddy and say that their even though the sauce and stew in Girard are good, they don't hold a candle to the sauce and stew that he makes.
Depending on whether I measured them correctly, the G2's are 10.5 and 11 inches.
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congrats on that fine looking late December buck Wade, that is one to be proud of for sure :cool:
Bird hunted there

I used to bird hunt lots between Sardis and Girard. There was a head in a bean field and for 4 straight years the dogs ran what we took to be the same buck outta that head when we hunted it in January. Every year he was bigger and the fourth year, he was in the same class as your buck. Good county.
As to the mount, having a "fixed" place in a cape is not necessarily a bad idea if you are remembering the deer and the hunt as it happened. That hole is part of the story. I would not be too concerned about locating a perfect cape if it were me. But then had I taken a buck that nice, I might think a bit differently.
Anyway, congrats on a Burke County bruiser.
Nice one!

That is truly a nice buck Wade. My compliments on taking him. Thats what keeps us going back even late in the year.


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Congrats Wade

Thats a fine looking buck :clap: