Buying a gun for a gift


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scenario: i buy a gun from a friend that needs money and give it to a family member/friend that lives out of state (fl). what are the steps i need to take to make it legal?
can i just buy the gun from my friend and then in turn pass it on to the family member/friend that lives in fl? what are the legal steps there?
I don't know...

It is OK for you to buy a gun and carry it across state lines.

If you transfer a gun to a non-resident of your state you probably run afoul of BATFE.

If you go visit someone in another state the when you make the gift (in the giftee's home state) you are no longer transferring it to a non-resident. That might well be fully legal without paper.


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You can not gift outside your state of residence, even to a parent or a child, a firearm other than antique or C&R (with appropriate C&R licensing) without FFL transfer, exception for bequest and intestate secession.

Better have an attorney involved if you are claiming the last two.

I am not an attorney.
It would be best to contact a FFL holder in the appropriate state, or contact the BATFE directly with your questions.