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Just want to thank Mr.Killmaster for the input on the forum. He offers quick easy answers to questions, provides professional input and spends time on here on sharing helpful info all the time. From deer harvest to disease prevention and everything in between. My hats off to you Mr.Killmaster. Thanks for what you do!


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Here's a fifth (I can't get the cork out anyway) and thank you strothershwacker for thinking to bring this up.


I'll sixth it. He is a very valuable resource of knowledge and clarity and reason, and we are very lucky to have him on our forum.


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Yes indeed! When Killmaster speaks, we should all listen. Thanks for all you contribute to this forum and the management of our natural resources(y)
Thanks for all the kind words fellers. I'll be taking a week break from the forum, Colorado bound early tomorrow. Looks like we'll be turkey hunting in snow:eek:.