Cabela’s cameras - lifetime warranty?

Jim Boyd

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I purchased a few and put them up in Illinois.

As most folks noted, they do have a spot light effect for nighttime photos, which is not desirable.

I was in Cabela’s recently (doing some returns) and asked the crew about the cameras.

The box says one year warranty but they assured me - if it says Cabela’s, it is a lifetime warranty.

I can live with the spotlight effect if they are gonna back them up for life.

I took in a backpack with a bad zipper and it was old enough that they could not find it in their archives and they still took it back and issued credit on the nearest matching product.

I am in no way connected to Cabela’s but they have customer service down to an art!

They are running a special now - buy two 14mp
Cams and get $40 off.

Good luck!


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I bought 3 of their cams as well, that the box said 1 yr warranty. I had the guy helping me, ask a manager about the lifetime warranty. He said that yes, it was a lifetime warranty. I was not real thrilled with the nighttime pics either.

Jim Boyd

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I noticed the new cams say something like Gen 3.

Maybe the night pics are better.

I am cash poor right now but I will certainly get some more before I head up to Illinois for my annual Labor Day work weekend.

Again, I can live with the night pic issue to get the lifetime warranty.

I am ashamed to say how many cams I have trashed over the years.