California Golden Trout

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Has anyone fished for these in the Sierra's? For logistical reasons, I think I want
to plan a backcountry trip with my two boys. Somewhere in the Golden Trout Wilderness.

Any thoughts or ideas from anyone who has been there?

Thank you.


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Search the formu for golden trout. We had a guy post great pics from his trip. He didn't go to ca but still caught some glorious fish.
Wes, Dick's place the Cabins at lost Trail might provide an opportunity to catch Goldens?

I doubt it. Dick's been out there long enough to have sniffed them out if there were any around. Unless he's sitting on a secret...
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Found the blog. Thanks guys. Those were beautiful fish and what seemed
like an epic journey. Hopefully I can find some closer to a six mile
I went to Monache Meadow in May. It's in the Inyo NF @ about 9500 ft. It's a great base camp to search out Goldens - it is as far as you can drive in, that I know of. It takes a 4x4 to get there, no doubt.. In the meadow you are at the south fork of the Kern. Also you can reach trailheads to the Golden Trout Wilderness and the South Sierra Wilderness. I've been all over NW MT, Utah, and Co; but the Sierra is something special.. I'll drum up some photos