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I took soem pic over the weekend, and didnt have the "card" in the camera:banginghe.
Ok so how do I get the pics that are on the camera,, on the card, so I can put it on the computer?



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I didn't think you could take pics without the card....unless your camera has some type of internal memory. If it does, there should be a usb cord that runs from your camera to your computer. Plug it in, turn the camera on and click on my computer. The camera will show up as an external harddrive (probably D: drive or F: drive etc etc). Click on that and open up the files in there and you should be able to navigate to your pics. Good luck.
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Yep ther on ther(camera), but when I put the card in it only shows whats on the card. Great now Im have to find that cord.....


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Yep, the cord that came with the camera...hope you don't have to buy a new one!

Good luck!


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If you do need a new cord, I've found Big Lots has the lowest price. Only couple of dollars each.


Gotta have the cord!
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Thanks fer the help, looks like I'll be seachin the house fer the cord tonight,,,
Most any USB cable will work on most any piece of electronic device. Try another cable you may have lying around if you do have another one.



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I asked over at Haghouse and David from trailwatcher here at Woodys and its not compatible. David said he belives you need an AV cable.
I see your in Marietta, to bad mine wont work. You might take you camera by Microcenter on Powers ferry and find a cable.