Campfire meats........will and won’t eats


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I prefer deer heart over any cut of meat off a deer including back straps and tenderloin. Grilled or fried, it's delicious. I just had my last two about a week ago so looking forward to some more. I have buddies who save them for me. I'm just glad they don't like them
I couldn't do the lungs. I have killed numerous deer that when I put them up on the skinning rack green ooze/pus/snot runs out of their nose. It was like a months worth of a sinus infection pouring out at once...
I have to admit .. I would try them! And probably more than once! And I would venture to say there is a high probability that I would like them! There is not many things I won't eat ... And the more bizarre it is the more I like it! I know .. It's weird! But I'm just being honest!
To me when you get down to it ... Meat is just meat!
I’m not much on eating animal guts. If I got hungry enough I would. I’m not that hungry right now.
I would’ve thought out of all folks on here, you’d be first in line considering you rarely waste much on a deer!
Yeah, I try to use as much of one as I can, but I just don't really like the taste of liver and other organ meats. I've saved the liver and heart to use as catfish bait before, and tried making a bowstring from cleaned gut one time. I have saved the brains for hide tanning, too.