Can’t kill big bucks dog hunting...

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Well it all started by getting invited to a end of the year dog hunt by a buddy of mine. Had several good drives that morning with several deer being killed by other standers. After lunch we went to the other side of the hunting club’s tract of land. Several packs of dogs had already ran deer in circles and to other standers, so the dog men told us (standers) to move down the road a piece and he was going to turn the dogs lose on the other side of us. Well he turned out the dogs and when they jumped the deer, they headed straight to where I was just standing! (500 yards away) So I took off running and when I got just about to where I was originally standing, I stopped, and could hear the deer coming through the swamp. I held my gun up in the road and when the bucknhit the road, I shot. He front flipped and that was when I seen how GIANT he was! He regained his footing and kept going. Shot a pine tree on the 2nd shot, must’ve been looking at horns on the 3rd shot because I hit him in the horns with a pellet, and the 4th shot he fell again. There’s nothing like experiencing the tradition of hunting deer with dogs. DFDDB229-7052-4FD7-B4CA-B0D0EBB8A3FC.jpeg F952B2D1-9113-470B-912E-8B091EA96D48.jpeg
Great buck! I bet that was exciting as u know what! A good taxidermist can remake that brow tine(I’m guessing it got broke by a pellet?)


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Grew up dog hunting, we ran walkers and beagles of course, but our two best dogs were July hounds. Many folks don’t know what those are when I mention em.