Can someone assist me?

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I know there are alot of hunters and fishermen on here who stay in the woods and on the water all the time. I've recently gotten into the art of arrowhead hunting and have found a new love! I live in middle Ga. and would love to know if anyone knows of any good spots to hunt. Did some hunting up in Tennessee this past weekend and found some nice artifacts. Would love to find some in my home state.
Good luck finding some private land to hunt on, there is a lot of spots that are kind of "picked out". Sand bottom creeks (with high banks) in middle GA can make for some good un-picked spots. I have found mostly pottery shards, and just about everything else (except a mortar, or atalatal wieght/banner stone).

Most of the time I would just park my truck right before the bridge and walk down into the creek. Carry a short fishing pole as an excuse and use it to knock down the spiderwebs.