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I recently posted that a guy who begged me to take him fishing backed out on me at the last minute, enough people commented that it has happened to them, so I'm definitely not alone here..

Please post a sticky so we can see who is going where and if they need or want a partner, it would be great, and salvage our trips. Lets face it we all have to burn vacation time and hate to see it go to waste.
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I have one open spot on my boat for Thursday-Sunday in Steinhatchee, fish one day or all its up to you. Leaving 5 am Thursday , fish morning tide Sunday pull out by 2 pm. Rookies welcome, split fuel cost.
need 1 to 2 for snapper

i am going to appalachicola to fish for the opening of snapper season opens june 1st,only open 9 days in federal waters, just me and my son,my regular crew is coming down tues evening but i am fishing sun,mon,and tuesday, we will be on a 26' boat with twin yamaha 150s, just looking for 1 to 2 people to split gas,ice and bait and help me jack some jaw,i have fished the area for 25 years and have good spots and a strong program,we will catch all the different kinds of snapper,grouper,king mackeral,spanish mackeral, amberjack,sharks,etc. rigging and poles availiable call chuck at 770 313 2544
Looking to go out on Jan 1. I have a New Year's tradition of fishing, and hopefully catching a fish, on New Year's. So if one is planning on going out on Jan 1, and willing to let me tag along. I will help pay for gas, bait and ice. I will be in the Savannah area. I dont care what we go fishing for I just want to catch something. Please message me if you think we can work something out.
Wanting to Fish

If anyone is looking for some help paying for gas, ice, etc... I'm always looking to go out fishing. 32yr old Army Vet working at Gulfstream and love to fish but don't have a boat. Just PM me or give me a text. 859-576-5533
I'd love to hook up with someone who has a boat and is an experienced angler. Not picky about what we fish for, just happy to catch anything. I'd be happy to cover your gas, bait, etc.

Jim, 706-294-4590
Need one for cobia on june 24!!!! $200

We had one back out of our scheduled Cobia trip. I need a 100% commitment. No possibles or maybe's!

What: Cobia
When: 24 June
Who: 3 Army guys (2 retired) and 1 child on Captain Brian Woelber's new boat (One More Cast Charters .)

Trip is $1000 split 5 ways.

I went on this trip 2 years ago and it was AWESOME! 3rd boat on the grounds and 1st to limit out.
Have boat need crew with gas money!

Doesn’t look as if anyone has needed a fishing partner in a while.

I have a 32’ scarab open. Twin 250’s. Had a trip planned for Mexico beach for June 25,26 2018. Everyone backed out. (Might be their last invite). Need two to three with gas money and their own equipment. Pm me for more info if you are interested in going. No drunks, druggies, or tobacco users need apply. Kids are welcome. I’ll have mine with me.
Hey guys. I am a retiree that still gets around fairly well, not like I used to but then I am 73. My fishing/hunting partner moved away 10 years ago so I don't
fish as much as I used to. I have very little salt water experience but I don't mind
learning. I don't smoke, VAPE or chew and I only drink on shore and then very little. I will share expenses and I can go with very little notice. I just need to
know the approximate share $$ so I can carry my own weight.

Tight lines.