Canada Outfitter recommendations Wanted


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If you have a Facebook look up Brennan Hudson. I can’t remember the name of his guide service off hand, but those guys crush them up in Alberta.


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I've watched some youtube stuff from Ongaro's Outdoors and those guys seem to have the plan and land. I'd love to hunt with Daryl Gilbert who is a guide of his if you want to look him up on FB. If I can get my buddies to pony up for a Canada trip it'd be to Alberta or Saskatchewan.


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Southern Prairie Outfitters run a jam up operation. Jed and Paul are great guys


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I’ve hunted with Bill Saunders three times in Washington State, he’s an excellent guide. I have not hunted with him in Canada because we did our own freelance hunting there. Give him a call and chat, he’s a nice guy and a great caller.