Canadian geese?

Don't think we get any Canadian Canada geese here. Just local Canada geese. And like said before, those look to be cranes. They've been moving through a lot lately.


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I too had hundreds flying over turns out they were all over N. Ga never seen that many at one time


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The sandhills were flying over Cobb County today. GA doesn't have a season for what I see to be the main reason are the whooping cranes who fly with them. There's been a thread before with basically the same thing said. The Central flyway down to TX is crane territory based on what I read, no experience. I want a NE TX hunt this next season if I can squeeze it in, they killed a lot of birds this year. The southern end of a lot of MS flyways slayed em in the freeze that hit the NE AR rice belt

I actually saw a "guide" post on multiple FB waterfowl forums they had the "Canadian Geese" stacked up. I think I heard someone correct someone else before I ever said "Canadian Goose" to someone who knew better but otherwise I would have said Canadian because I think that is the most accepted lexicon outside of hunters even though it is wrong.
Canadians can be seen on I75 and I 95 headed south to Disney world. Canadas are what we hunt.