Canoe camping help and suggestions please

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I am interested in trying to do some canoe camping around the north Georgia area.

The problem is that I do not know what the regulations are regarding camping from a boat on the lakes. I have read that you can't camp on the islands, but nothing about the shorelines. Can anyone point me to the regulations for this? Carters and Blueridge are close by and would be good starting points, but I am open to suggestions.

Carters is Army Corp. I don't think they allow camping outside of their campgrounds.
Blueridge, Chatuge, and Nottely are TVA. It does look like the TVA allows primitive camping on their lake islands and some areas on the shore. Look at "TVA Undeveloped Recreation Lands."
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Thank you for the information. I was hoping to make a several day trip of it since my knee won't allow much backpacking anymore. The canoe in looks good for the family.

I need to find a better canoe for us. This old coleman is tough, but not much fun to paddle.
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That looks like the mad river adventure I saw, if I am looking at the right one. I think we are looking for a more traditional type. Something like a tripper, but on a budget. Enough rocker to maneuver well, but something that still tracks. Also something that is a little faster than the old coleman and can be paddled solo if the family stays home
The Toccoa has a few places to pull over and camp, like Deep Hole or more primitive sites on either side of the river down stream at the swinging bridge. The river flows north. A map of the Chattahoochee NF would reveal more details of the aforementioned area plus ideas on other areas the the Chattooga River in NE Ga on the Ga SC line could be the ticket, too. Beware banjos....jk
We have one of them boat in/ hike in campgrounds on Clarks Hill. It's got one of the best views on the lake. Hardly no one ever camps there. One site even has a shelter. They have pit toilets and a hand pump for water. Ours is a 6 mile hike in. We think next time we go we will canoe over to it.
The campsites look just like the other Army Corp campground sites, blocked off with treated timbers, picnic tables, fire pits, grills, lantern post, level gravel, on the water.

It's out in a 3,000 acre limited use recreation area called Bussey Point.


I've camped at the boat-in place on Carter's, the last time this past Spring. Nobody else was there at the time, and it is a very nice place to camp, with great views. Easy mile or so paddle from the nearest ramp, but you have to cross open water. I couldn't fit my firewood in my kayak with all of my gear, so I unloaded and went back for the wood.
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Lol. I live within spitting distance of banjo music.

It looks like there are some good options not too far away. Hopefully I can check some out in a week or two.
Lol. I live within spitting distance of banjo music.

It looks like there are some good options not too far away. Hopefully I can check some out in a week or two.
Looks like about 30 minutes to Amicalola.

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Chattooga, camp out at Burrells Ford Campground. Unless you have a purty mouth.