Captain Mark Noble (pics added)

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Anyone ever been tarpon fishing with Mark Noble out of St. Simons.

My sister in law got my brother a trip with him for his birthday.

AND I AM GOING TOO!!!!!:yeah:
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I booked a trip I thought with him a few years ago. Turned out I got another captain in his place. I was a bit disappointed. If i book with a person , I expected to fish with that person.

Went with Mark twice. Once for tarpon and once for reds.
He will set you down right on them. He has a sharp wit also. So bring your A game. Caught the biggest reds and biggest tarpon I have ever caught.
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to say that Mark turned out to be the man for the job would be an understatement.

I caught my first tarpon. Hooked him within 7 minutes of a line being put in the water.

And oh yeah, he happened to be a 160 lb class fish.

We went 3 for 4 on tarpon for the day. My 160, my brother's 100, and his father in law got his first ever, a 60.

We let another big one get off during the pandemonium.

I highly recommend captain mark.


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yes sir

yes, and I am feeling it. he was released at 1 hr 32 min.

so me and him battled for well over an hour.

Mark said if he was into tarpon killing we would have dragged it in and probably got the new state record which is now 161.

It wouldn't have been worth seeing that monster swim off though.:clap: