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Have I attained the ultimate in a mountain carbine/brush rifle? My definition of a mountain rifle is a short, light carbine in .30 caliber that I could count on up to 150yds. A good scoped and accurate caliber that I could depend on delivering enough energy to deer sized game. I knew the Remington Model Seven was the perfect mountain rifle. I always thought a brush rifle as a well balanced, ironsighted rifle of suitable caliber, moderate recoil, adequate energy and accuracy out to possibly 100 yards that I could carry easily through thick areas Boom...enter the old Marlin. I have tried for years to match what I thought was the perfect rifle available on the rack. I am sure a man could custom build a mountain/brush rifle, but just off the rack I think I finally got it right. I know the old Marlin is capable of
5MOA out to 100yds and I have been carrying it here in the mountains for a couple of years already killed a couple of deer with that gun. I just got the Remington and mounted the scope. I just need to zero and the Seven will be ready to hunt. I will glady take advice and opinions on zeroing a 1.5-5x20mm scope as I have always had more mainstream 3-9x40 or 3-9x50mm scopes.
I just got tired of carrying heavy guns....these guns are even lighter than my Tikka

Top : 1968 Marlin 336 30-30 with Skinner Express peep sights
Bottom: 1989 Remington Model Seven in .308 Win with Leupold VX3i 1.5-5x20



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Get the lowest 1" rings you can find for the 20mm scope. There are some Xtra Low options out there. Talley etc makes rings with integrated bases to mount directly, they might have a model 7 pattern. Zero to 1/2 inch high at 100 yards and forget about it.

Nice setup but my Model 600 .308 might have you matched on size and weight . . love that 1965-66 carbine !!!!


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Look at a Boyd's thumbthru laminate stock for that model 7. I put one on a youth model 700 308 and had a new trigger installed and it is sweet.

Model Seven is about ideal for all of GA; including the mountains. Very handy and easy to carry. Perfect for treestand or carrying through thick brush. Not much need for any more power than 7mm-08 or .308!
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Did a quick zero job this afternoon and I was right amazed at the accuracy of the little model seven. I think I may go hang out by the cornfield in the morning!