Carp on the Chum Pipe

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Every year about this time the Carp begin to go up Crooked Creek to spawn. I have a Chum Pipe at the end of our dock so I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the activity. I placed a game camera there yesterday and here are some combined clips. I’m not going to tell you what I put in the pipe because sure as I do someone will post and say how Ol Roy dog food is bad for Carp 😊 Turn up your volume.



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That’s awesome.

I saw them spawning in the grass at Lake Acworth the other day, it was the most aggressive behavior I’ve ever seen out of a fish :). The thrashing and craziness had everyone's attention!

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Brings back a lot of good memories of fishing with my Dad. He lived in the Oconee Springs area and kept the carp baited for the grandkids. Lots of fun. Thanks for posting.