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Greetings, new guy to the forum currently residing in Arkansas. I found myself drawn to the forum particularly because of the bear hunting threads. I’m a spot and stalk bear hunting fanatic. I have over 10 years of guiding experience in Alaska with a specialty in spot and stalk brown and black bears mostly in units 3, 4, and 16. Regardless of my experiences in Alaska and in western states, I’m out of my element trying to find these bears in the oak forests of the Ouachita and Ozark mountains. I’ve noticed this forum has intermittent wisdom now and then and wanted to add myself to some of those conversations to see what I can learn or share. Look forward to those conversations.
Welcome to Woody's.

The guys over in the northwest mountain of SC swear that the best way to find a bear is to turn the hounds out on them.

Never been bear hunting myself. Good luck this year


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Welcome and enjoy!