carters rereg night fishing

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i have been trying carters rereg at night lately with no luck. starting in the late afternoon or evening i can catch a few spots along the channel drops where there are submerged trees or boulders but as soon as it gets dark the bite stops like turning off a switch. this has happened 2 times lately, once was low water and once was high water.

i have tried dark plastic worms, black jitterbug, white crankbait, dark jigs, and big black single blade spinner bait.

i tried the nearby shallower water as well. the locations i tried were between the launch and about mid lake along the channel.

is it where i am fishing thats the problem? the lure selection? or are they just not biting at night? both nights i fished hard from about 6 to 3 and all fish were caught before 9. not even a bump after that.

let me know what you guys think.