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Yep. That`s what we call a speckled cat down here. They`re good eating when fresh.

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yep call them speckled cats or creek cats around here. biggest one I ever caught was in a seine seining for crawfish in a highway ditch weighed almost three lbs.
That's A bullhead alright. I catch them all the time. I usually get 1-2lb bullhead but they get up to 4 or 5 I believe. I don't know if that's a brown or a speckled bullhead though. My guess is brown
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So it sounds like they don''t get very big but are tasty. I'll have to try me a fried bullhead sammie next time.


Looks like a snail bullhead.


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I called them speckled cats and the plain brown ones butter cats, but couldn't begin to tell you what it really should be called. LOL

When caught from a clear / clean water creek that's the best eating catfish in my opinion.