Catoosa county monster buck


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Every now and then a real monster will get taken in Catoosa but that is definitely the biggest one I've ever seen/heard about from this county.

Tell your friend congrats!
A better picture

Taxidermist is a friend of mine. Here is a little cleaner pic. It is definately a stud. Tell your friend congrats. Awesome! Awesome! deer.


battlefield i believe it i seen some monsters in there i bow hunt behind the golf course on my doctors land
That buck was killed at grahms property on the backside of chickamauga battlefield and yes that is off of mag williams rd.It was chaseing a doe and crossed the creek onto legal ground.
isnt this the buck thats was hanging around the golf course cause i seen him about a month ago and i bow hunted him once but never seen him but seen several other nice ones out there though
Old thread I know but it's a gooden. The late Judge Bob Moon had property by the golf course & he use to pile up a stack of does every year and was letting some real shooters walk. He told me of a record breaker he'd seen not long before he past. That area holds some real good deer. Congrats to your buddy!