Catoosa/Walker/Dade Hunt Reports - 2018

Watched a decent 8 and 3 smaller bucks push a doe around in walker co. for about 45 min yesterday. Today had a pretty good 8 come through following doe and grunting and pawing all the way. Liked him enough to let him ride on the 4 wheeler with me.


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Went last Wednesday. Saw 2 does each had a this years fawn with them. Already got a doe for meat this year, only looking for a buck. Was very shocked by one of the does. Came in down wind of me, about 10 yards from my stand. Walked all around my stand, stayed there for probably 15-20 minutes. Never winded me. I've got camo netting around my tree stand, I had to duck down so they wouldn't see me.
Out of curiosity, anyone hunt around 136/193 area or close to it? If so, What is your best time of year? I have friends who say middle to last of November. I see the most chasing (best chance at a good buck) first 2 weeks of December.