Celiac Disease?


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A lady in my office has it. Her's developed pretty quickly about a year and a half ago. She has responded very well but she had to go through a real educaton about what to eat (or rather what not to eat). It seems that LOTS of stuff has gluten in it that you would never think of (like worchestershire sauce). She eats a lot of cream of rice cereal for breakfast and uses cornbread instead of wheat bread.

If you are really sensitive, you may have to go so far as to buy glutten free meat - cattle that has never been fed any non-corn type grains or is only grass fed.
My wife found out that she had it just a couple of months ago! She has adjusted pretty well...

She eats a LOT of mexican food since most of their shells,tortillas. etc are made of corn instead of wheat.


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My wife, daughter and grandaughter all are Celiac.
They stick to a completely gluten free menu.
I saw my wife change within days of going gluten free.
At her last physical her Dr. told her "I don't know what you are doing but keep doing it because I have never seen test results come back so low".
Fortunatly we mainly eat only venison.
All companys have a 1-800 number you can call and they will tell you what products are and are'nt. The main thing is stay with it and you will feel two folds better. It was hard for her to stick to it until she discovered the results.
It is an up and coming thing, most resturaunts now even have a gluten free menu.
The gluten free food is really not as bad as one thinks. After a while you'll be cooking meals like you always had in the past.
Good luck.
WOW! Hello, I'm new here but as reading the posts I couldn't help but stop here - My mom has Sprue Celiac Disease - she has had it for about 4 yrs now. She has had to change her diet in every way possible. ANYTHING will set you off, we have to call all the labels on all foods, etc. Fresh foods are the best they have not glutens. I feel like an expert on this subject, please pm, I have LOTS of info if you want.