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I would be hestitant about the new Bushnell Impulse. I am not hearing anything good about them right now. I cancelled an order I had for one when they first came out after hearing what people are going through with them. They got a lot of bugs to work out it sounds like. I have Bushnell Agressor, Moultrie Mobile and Spypoint Link Evo. Each has it's different pros and cons but overall they do a pretty good job. None of them are excellent in regards to getting every pic and sending them instantly.
I can say first hand that I'm having good luck with the two Coverts I have. The newest LTE model is going on three months with still 100% battery and will send a pic to my phone within 10 to 20 seconds of it being triggered. I'm in the process of ordering another one. IMO stay away from Spypoint

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I only have one and it’s a Spartan. I get pics fairly quick over AT&T service. No camera will give you instant pics...just doesn’t work that way, lol.
I have the APP as well and can take pics at will and get HD pics. It is not a camera for a feeder though. Batteries won’t last a week or two taking and sending 100+ pics a night.
I use mine on scrapes or trails during deer season and watching traps that aren’t on my main line. Just this past Thursday I had a critter get in one right after the sun went down. It was still early enough to go unclog that trap and reset it for the intended target.
We’ve also used them to pattern hogs and successfully set up an ambush for them based on where they are when the pic was taken and where they were heading to. Beats sitting out all night waiting for them, lol.


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I will echo the point about not putting cell cams on feeders. Not only will it chew thru batteries, my Spartans charged me text message charges beyond the base number of photos with the 9$/month plan.


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The batteries are one thing to remember. With the Moultrie, Spypoint and Bushnell I have solar panels for each of them and I haven't bought a battery in quite some time while being able to have all the cameras on instant send.
My newest Covert LTE has awesome battery life. As you see below I still have 100% battery and 100% signal since I put it out 3 months ago with an average of 50 to 75 pics a day. It's not an instant pic to phone but I can ride up to feeder on golfcart and phone beeps before I can get off so it's pretty close to instant. It's on a honey hole plot for pigs. Covert and Pulsar is a deadly combo on boar hogs.


I have Reconyx and the Moultrie MV-1 modem (they came out with an LTE version recently). Both work well, I prefer the Reconyx though. I only pay $5 a month for as many pictures as it will send via Verizon. The Moultrie utilizes their app and costs a bit more.
I've bought one so far. At that price it's worth it just for the camera and 100 free pics a month.