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Who is the best and who is not??? I currently have a Nextel and am sick of the poor coverage...the only reason I am still with them is because of the rugged phones...


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Verizon is by far the best around here....


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I have had experience with 3 providers including the one you mentioned.

Verizon is by far the best for me to


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Verizon probably has the best coverage, but the worst plans. I have t-mobile and the coverage is better than most and I like my plans.

Cingular/AT&T is supposed to be pretty good as well.

I have a sprint phone for work and the coverage is moderate at best.

From friends you have nextel, you'll be happy with anything you get. Nextel sucks. The click to talk is way over-rated.
verizon here as well which I use for 3 phones, blackberry and a wireless laptop card. all work well all over the country and in some very remote country

also they have a water resistant and shock resistant phone now

I have had Nextel, Cingular and now Verizon....................By far Verizion is the best of those I've had...........................


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I'm all over in the mts. of N.GA and NC nothing works as well as Cingular,att for me.


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I could get a big discount with Cingular but had to stay with Verizon because of the vastly better coverage. Get coverage in almost all parts of north east Ga. Also have the gzone phone which is pretty rugged (see Jim Thompson's post above for link).


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I'm all over in the mts. of N.GA and NC nothing works as well as Cingular,att for me.
I have to go with Cingular as well. Ive had Verizon for 2 of the 13 years I have had a cell phone and I had the most trouble with no signal and pathetic customer no service than you could imagine. From my home I had no service when I was with them. I had more dropped calls in the two years of service with them than in 11 years of service with Cingular/ ATT and what ever their name was before Cingular, I think it was Bell South then.


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i have nextel and the only reason i still have it is they will charge me a $200 cancellation fee if i cancel before jan next year. sorry coverage. going back to verizon.