cellular trail cam recommendations


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Spartan. My cameras send 10-175 pictures a day & I haven't run out of data on the 3 month plan or 12 month plan. I have been using Spartans since 2014.
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Are you getting put off and the run around? That's how I feel about they way theyve dealt with me.
Kinda seemed that way for a while. I've been going back and forth with them for the last few weeks but today they agreed to mail me some new cameras. They're replacing the cams and since these are new cams I will get the free 30 day unlimited pics deal and then a free month after that. Sounds good to me just hope these cams last that long 🤞🤞
Now I know you know that you can get the unlimited plans on them Spypoints for only $10 a month per camera and don't have to worry about any MB or GB or how many pics you get per month and you can tailor your plans around how much you spend per month. They have the best plans as far as cell camera plans go in my opinion. Now the cameras take a little patience at times I ain't going to lie about that but still a good cam for the money if you can buy them right.

Your right about Spypoint having the unlimited for $10 but I'm just as happy sending CovertWireless $27 a month for 6000 pics on 3 cameras without any headaches than sending Spypoint $10 a month like I do now.

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I bought 2 MoultrieMobile XA-7000i for my land in Illinois. So far they have both been flawless now up to 1500 pics.

I have two on order....


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Here was Spartans response to my inquiry I sent them regarding going over 1GB only transmitting 300-350 thumbnails, 2-3 full size pictures and one firmware update.

"There was a network change from AT&T around August and September which would've cause some network connection issue. We've update the camera firmware to accommodate these changes. Please update your camera to the latest firmware 9/30/2019. As a one time courtesy, we can issue a partial refund for the plan charges. "

It was nice to receive something $20, but really that doesn't get to why I went over, nor with that low of usage, it shouldn't have went over anyways. Maybe the firmware will help. I followed up asking if that network change would cause that much data to be sent. Here was that response.

"It may have affected the usage. Updating the firmware has helped with most recent data connection issue. It may reduce the amount the time the camera tries to re-connect. "

I truly hope that fixes it as I can't afford $772 a year if that continues.
I am running a Cuddelink system with five cameras and it has been running great for me thus far. One affordable cell plan and great results. I would strongly consider this system if you are considering running more than one cam.