Central GA QDM Club looking for one member

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We have one more opening in our club. Dooly County is one of the first QDM countys in GA. We have 728 Acres, we have 5 members now and will only take 6 total. The property comes with a 2 bedroom brick house, power, water, full bathroom, kitchen, AC and satellite TV.
We are a close group that hunts and plays together. Your membership includes your Immediate Family. We have only 3 rules:
1. Obey all State and local laws.
2. No visitors until after Thanksgiving, (any visitors are Doe Hunting).
3. If you shoot a Buck, you need to mount it.
Immediate Family are not visitors and can buck hunt, if a family member takes a buck, that buck counts against the members tag.
We took two nice bucks last year, a 135" and 142" as well as several hogs.
Yearly membership is $2,000.00, about the same price as a guided hunt but here you have the same chance of seeing a 160" buck but it can happen all year long.
Call me for details Stephen 770-548-3723