Central Georgia Point

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I've been lurking hear for a while, but never created a post. I appreciate any insight anyone can provide on this point that my mom found back in the 80's. She and my dad were swimming in a river near Macon (possibly the Ocmulgee, but she couldn't remember) and they both saw it in the mud at the same time and she beat him to it. My mom is pretty proud of this point and it's always been one of my favorites too.

I always assumed it was a knife because of its size, but never really knew for sure.



That's a very nice find! If I found it here I'd call it a Savannah River, or maybe a Pickwick. Mid-Late Archaic period, about 3,000-5,000 years old.


Looks like raw material, may be older.
Could be. There are a load of Archaic stemmed point types. But then, most of the SR points here in NC are made from nasty metaquartzite and rhyolite. I have never found or even seen a chert one from my area. Those guys could knap-you don't realize how good they were until you grab a big wooden or antler billet and start knocking flakes off that hard, hard local quartzite trying to make a wide, thin blade.


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I`d call it a Kirk too. Maybe it`s the light, but it looks like it has some river patina on it.