Chain submarine sandwich shops?


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Everybody likes, Jersey Mike's

If you ever get up in the maryland/delaware area, go to a pats pizzeria chain for the best pizza steaks or Philly cheese steaks on earth
Firehouse by far for a chain store, ate there today.

Jimmy johns is pretty good too.

Love blimpie, but can't find one around my area anymore.

Ate at jersey mikes twice, it sucked both times, won't be going back.


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Not sure how widespread this chain is, but I love Larry's Giant Subs. Doesn't hurt that there is a location fairly close to home either.


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Anyone seen a zeros?
Not exactly a sandwich chain per se but the Publix deli has really good subs. I don't particularly like to shop there but I like their deli sandwiches.


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I also liked blimpies,,,, hungry howies used to have pretty good subs,,,,


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Jersey Mike's, firehouse, or Jimmy John's, I still enjoy subway every now and again, it ain't the best, but your not getting a footling for $5 at any of the other places.


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Not a fan of Jersey Mikes. Over priced and meh.....

Wife loves blimpies....there's one here in Covington.

I like Jimmy Johns....the Vito with hot peppers.
Firehouse ham


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The person behind the counter can make any of them better than the other.

I can't stand when a manager is making the sandwich counting every thing, pulling a tiny little piece of meat back off the scale.:hammers:

I haven't been to any of them in three years over the sub wars that went for price over quality, but have eaten hundreds beforehand.


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Don't know if it is a chain by definition, but Little Italy has a few stores scattered around and have some pretty dadgum good sandwiches.