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Before I go further let me confess that I've been part of the problem and in the wrong on this many times so please don't take it as me throwing stones.

Normally we hear of the wildgame suppers and sportsman banquets in the spring or again in the fall. And I love them, believe they are a great avenue for reaching/witnessing to the lost, connecting with the ones that fell out of church etc...

But who do we normally reach out to when we invite folks, sell tickets to, even buy them for? Our neighbor, kin or buddy that is saved and goes to a church over there or down the road.

I don't know at the times that I've went to them and the folks I invited, got the ticket for were christian friends. Same thing when folks invited me. I remember once going to one at a "mega" church. I rode in a surburan full of christian men. There were over a thousand folks there. The speaker was a hunting TV personality, he gave a great salvation message and I remember thinking during the invitation boy there's going to be a bunch saved tonight since there are so many folks. When it was over there were like 3 or 4. Praise the Lord for them, I'm sure there were others that didn't respond

I've been the one getting the tickets and the folks I got them for all were saved. Did I take the seat of someone that GOD wanted to hear the message? Shouldn't I have invited a lost person? Instead in my desire to win a door prize I didn't invite a lost person, or even someone that is saved but has been away from church.

So in closing I ask that you pray for me that when I have the opportunity to buy a ticket for someone or invite them to one that it'll be some one that GOD is waiting/wanting to speak to. I challenge my brothers and sisters in Christ to do the same.