Chattahoochee Bear

Sounds about right... Take the rifle and of course, you get one in bow range!

Nice work!
Congrats Kyle! I enjoyed your detailed story. I'm using the same ammo in my 30-30... love it.
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Way to go, its crazy how close they can be after you rubberneck forever an its like how I not see that.. Great job!! Awesome to have buddies to help lean a hand on a drag any day!! Good hunting! Anyone up around the 306 area today?
Thats exactly how I felt BullHunter. I was being cigilant and checking behind me frequently. Just happened to turn around that time and there she was. I was like "where did that thing come from without me noticing?!"
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I realized after reading this again that I have been negligent in giving credit where credit is due. I always try and make a point to do that. In what little success I have hunting here in the hills, I owe a debt of gratitude to many, many of the forum members here. I began hunting public land here in the mtns about eight years ago. I caught the bear bug my first year, and tried unsuccessfully although I did see one during turkey season the following spring. The next summer I stumbled on this forum when researching bears for the approaching season. Since that time I joined, many, many of the members here have become my personal friends with which I hunt and fish with regularly. Many have taught me a tremendous amount about the mountain game in a very short period of time. Buckman, Tree Cutter, JBoggs, JYFishing, FM Bear, Ripplerider, whitetail freak, northgasportsman, JWilson, T-N-T, Joe Brandon, fishnbub, Killer Delete, and too many others to name. Y'all have bestowed so much knowledge on me and have become my personal friends, and you have enriched my hunting experience and my life greatly. I have shared some memorable victories and experiences with a lot of you. I could never adequately articulate my gratitude for you guys. I sincerely mean that.
Congrats Kyle. It is great to see anyone’s success in the mountains. But it makes things sweeter when it all comes together.