Check out my wife’s latest creation.

That blows me away.
If she hasn't already, she should start a YouTube channel.


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Fondant? What the heck is that? Just when I thought I'd eaten everything bad for you, along comes this. Ya'll need to go on that TV show Ace of Cakes seriously.
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Fondant = marshmallows, powdered sugar and butter. Store bought doesn’t taste good, homemade is much better.


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My wife is a highly skilled cake maker too. Started out as a hobby, just making one here and there for close friends and family for birthdays and such. The problem was that hers tasted every bit as good as they looked.

Every birthday party she made a cake for, you'd have 4 or 5 people asking about who made the cake. As the word got out about her abilities, she was getting calls from friends of friends and long lost sisters of friends and so on. She was making 2 to 4 cakes a week and it REALLY got the best of her. Those elaborate cakes really take time to do it right. When doing what you love begins to feel like a grow to like it a lot less.

Here's just a few of her smaller efforts...