Check your stands!!!!


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Well folks,if you are like me and leave your climbers out pretty much year round, make sure you check them prior to climbing. This is especially important after the winds most of Georgia had yesterday. There is no telling what may have fallen onto your stand and damaged it during the storm. So, check them and double check them. You do not wan to find out it is damaged 25 feet up a tree.


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What kind of stand do you use Reylamb? I take my stands out with me after the season. I just took my bow hunting stand out of the shed the other day and put some new grip tape on it and checked it over. I use a Summit Bush Master for bow hunting.

Good point though on checking your stands after the hurricane. They might not even be there anymore :speechles


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Not only hurricane damage, but wasp nest... It's time for anybody using permanent stands to rid them of nests, before climbing up before dark one morning! ::gone:


Ya'll ain't just checkin' them now are ya?????

That's somethin' that should have been done a long time ago..........

Know what I mean.......

I generally take all mine down at the end of the season as well........Definitely the climbers, and most of the Loc-On's...... :D
Mox...did Woodrow get ants in his pants? If so, that the first action he has seen in a while!!!!
When I got to my ladder stand this afternoon it had became a little loose. Not enough to make it unsafe, but enough to tighten just a little. But this is good advice that could save you alot of damage. It doesn't take long.


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I have a Summit VIper, Revolution, and Cobra in the woods now. All of my stands are checked prior to the season, but since I hunt on private land I never pull them out. The only time I pull them out is when I am hunting somewhere besides my regular hunting land or going out of town. 2 of my stands never came out of the woods from last season.