Checking in from Niceville, Fl.

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Hello all,

I know, I know, not from Ga. but I've been reading and learning from your forum for awhile. I'm on several other forums in Fl. and Al. And wanted to finally sign in here because you all have a lot of great informative and interesting topics on here. I've already learned a lot from ya'll. I have some land north of Defuniak and do most of my hunting there. Only owned it a couple years so I'm still learning the ins and outs of setting it up right. Looking forward to virtually meeting and talking to all of you! ;-)



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Welcome and enjoy.


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Welcome and I love that area of the Panhandle. Traveled through there numerous times to Hurlburt Field during my career. I love the miles and miles of undeveloped land and heard many stories of the huge deer hiding on all the restricted access govt owned lands around there.


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Welcome, my wife is from Crestview and we make the trip down several times a year. Great little area.
Howdy and welcome !! I spent some time there years ago !! I was a site construction superintendent. Was there working on the climate control building on Eglin. My at the tales I could tell about some guys I took there from a rural county in SC that had never been outside the county line !!
Hey, I am still living down here (Navarre) working at Hurlburt but recently bought land up in northern Georgia (Blue Ridge). how is the hunting out that way, I have tried Eglin range and not had much luck.