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Ive been reading y'alls posts for a while now and have learned a bunch about a topic that Im very interested in - projectile points. We live in Cherokee Co near the Etowah and I have found the pictured points on a road cut bank near our place. Can you help me decipher what these points tell me about my neighborhood. As far as I can tell the larger point may be a Palmer side-notch and the little broken base may be a Dalton. Both are Archaeic so that means my neighbors predated me by 6-8,000 years. Is that true? What about the other broken bits of points? Also, the larger gnarly serrated point - is it possible that this was used to spear fish? These were found ~0.5 miles from a fish trap on the Etowah. Thanks!


Yep, I'd call that one a Palmer, for certain if the base is ground. And the broken base looks like a possible Hardaway side-notch, pretty rare and old point. The others are just broken fragments, hard to say what they were. I doubt if any stone points were used to spear fish, that was likely and atlatl dart point for spearing big game and people. Fish points were usually just carved wood , cane or antler-no need for a stone point, and the binding would get wet and loosen anyway.
I have seen a few that came out of the river green area that are very similar, i grew up very near there & have found points all over the county. The mighty Etowah was the indians super hwy, lots & lots of history on, in, or around that river.


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The majority of what we find have been exhausted by rechipping to resharpen. Usually that means they were used as cutting implements.