Chevy Suburban

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I've got a 2011 Suburban with 136k miles. Earlier this week it started making a slight whining noise that was more audible when accelerating. Now it can be heard when the engine is first started. Could it be the transmission pump going bad? The whining noise seems to be a common problem, but I haven't found an answer to the root of the problem. Anyone have any knowledge of this? Thanks in advance.
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PS pump was my first thought, but it doesn't get louder when you turn the wheel. Also I took the belt off this morning and started it and it still makes the noise.
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I thought it was a bearing too, but like I said, I started the engine without the belt so that the water pump and the ps pump would not be turning and it still made the whining noise.
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That's what I was thinking. I just haven't had mechanic work done in so long I really don't know who I can trust.
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I did notice that it's on a different belt and didn't have my tools at home to get that belt off. I'm hoping that it's something fairly inexpensive whatever it is. I'm gonna try and check that out tomorrow.