Chicken sales

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Has anyone heard about a ban on selling chickens in Georgia?


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Like eliminating the exemption on small farmers selling directly?

No way they are banning the sale entirely. This lobbyists would lose their minds!


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Nic is correct. Avian influenza in both Alabama and Tennessee. It is nothing to fool with and Georgia is doing everything possible to keep it out.
yep. No fleamarkets, auctions, sale barns or nothing else until further notice.
I went into Tractor Supply the other day. They had baby ducks for sale. My daddy didn't want me to visit his farm because of walking by the water troughs where they keep the ducks penned up.

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Thanks. I asked​ for my father in-law. He sells a few at a livestock auction and was told there was a ban on them. When I tried looking it up I couldn't find anything. So I knew if there was such I could ask here and find out. Thanks again.
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Good afternoon it's me again. Dose anyone know if the ban is lifted yet? Or has there been any updates on the ban ?


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Was a lot of birds listed on CL
private sells are not banned. Just places where poultry might come in contact with other birds.
And they should be happening this weekend. If I can make it, Im there