chickens with muffs, beards and extra toes

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I have a Salmon Favorolle hen that recently hatched some chicks, they are now not quite a week old. The daddy is a Welsummer/Cornish cross. Salmon Favorolles have beards and a clump of feathers in front of each ear, called ear muffs. They also have an extra toe or two on the back of their legs, and feathers down to their feet. Which is why I named her "Funky Chicken".

Funny thing is, I have 8 chicks and it looks like they all have little downy ear muffs. Some have extra toes but not all, and some have tiny down running down the sides of their legs, but not all. There are some bare legged chicks with extra toes, some feather-legged chicks with normal number of toes and some feather-legged extra toed chicks. In addition, half of the chicks are red with stripes on their heads and backs, and half are yellow with paler stripes.

I want to learn some chicken genetics!