Christian Bowhunters of GA make up shoot this Saturday 1/30 and Annual banquet to fol

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Due to the weather we canceled last Saturday so we're going to make it up this weekend!!!!
Registration is anytime between 8am-2pm. Due to the banquet following the shoot we have to have all cards in by 5:00 sharp so come early.
Everyone is welcome to attend the banquet. There will be pizza and dessert. We ask that your family bring a dessert if your coming. Again, ALL are welcome so make a day of shooting then feasting afterwards!! for directions or info.


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Outstanding, a shooters weekend ! Great weather too ! :yeah:
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Location for the banquet is
Word of Life Tabernacle
99 Ellis Trail
Covington, Ga


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Got my boots by the door ! :fine:


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you won't need them..hope I can make it:banana::banana: