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I currently have a lease of 276 acres in Christian county Kentucky. I have had this lease for the past 3 yrs and I am looking for 2 members. I would like to keep it archery only but I have exceptions for kids. I do not mind if your child is 15 and under to hunt with a rifle. Dues will be $2500 each for the full year. This tract is 65% crops, 25% timber bottoms, 10% crp. The property is land and water locked with 2 easement roads on each end. I have a couple of clover plots that are already established, but with some help we could plant more. The landowner has given me permission to do as I please as long as we do not damage crops. This lease would be myself and the 2 members only(children included). I would like to have like minded members, meaning...shoot big old bucks, and dont just shoot something to account for your money. I personally have only killed 1 buck in the past 3 years. I have seen some giants, and pasted on a 186" non typical at 20yrds just because he was quartered towards me. Unfortunately he was killed by a neighbor with a rifle. This coming season will be planted in beans and the neighbors in corn. When it comes to stands, I like everyone to contribute a few stands and help hang. All stands are open to everyone... just play the wind and let each other know where your at. There is no camping on site but there is a place with camper hook ups for rent 2 miles away. Hopkinsville is about 20 mins away with plenty of hotels.
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Jim Boyd

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Awesome offering.

Forget the turkeys, the south is loaded with them.

Great bucks!!!!!