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I am seeking 3 members for a 585 acre lease in Christian county kentucky. Will be 6 members total, 2 are from Florida with a 13 hour drive and I have a 6 hour drive so pressure will be kept low. I won't let any locals or anyone who is closer than 4 hours or so to keep the pressure low. I didn't get to walk the property as much as I'd like due to car trouble but everything I saw looked good. The property is about half crp, over waist high with lots of deer beds and half hardwoods with tons of white oaks and plenty of thickets. It has a lot of great rifle spots(power lines, a section of thinned timber, crp, etc) , as well as good bow spots. UI jumped 12 deer in the 4-5 hours I walked, and most of that time I was with my girlfriend, aunt and uncle not attempting to be quiet lol. I found tons of scrapes and also a lot of rubs. I will can send pics I took, aerials, and a couple bucks that have been killed there. You can camp on site and there is several hotels nearby ranging from $30 a night types to hiltons. I'm planning on getting a cheap camper to put out there and any member would be welcome to use it in my absence. Dues are $2280 each, we will have a pin board system meaning that any member can hunt any where, there's a 125" minimum with bow and 140" minimum with rifle. This area is on of the best counties in Kentucky. If interested give me a call at(478)636-3459
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Jim Boyd

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I rode through that area today and it is beautiful. Lots of ag and I saw plenty of green fields.

Good lucks - the monsters are there!!