Clarification regarding registering kayak with sail.

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Hi all,
I recently upgraded to a Hobie mirage oasis tandem kayak and have a sail kit ordered.

Now reading the Georgia registration guidelines it says that kayaks without mechanical power are exempt, but it also says that vessels over 12 feet (Hobie oasis is 14'6") with a sail must have registration.

Excerpt from the DMV

"ou're required to register your boat with the Georgia DNR if it is:
Mechanically propelled.
A sailboat measuring longer than 12 ft.
The only vessels exempt from registration are:
Boats used strictly on private ponds or lakes.
Sailboats less than 12 ft. that are not mechanically propelled.
Rowboats, canoes, kayaks, and rubber rafts without mechanical propulsion."

I'm under the impression I legally have to register it to sail. I'd be less worried about it but I seem to get stopped by the water cops multiple times per season looking for violations. (never have any)


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It's still a kayak without mechanical propulsion.
I would think the above is correct too. Just to be safe I would talk to DNR (provide pictures of your kayak and sail for a visual) and also ask for something in writing if possible to cover yourself. If you can get that I would get it laminated or keep it in a zip loc and store it inside your kayak.


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Just do it. The cost is not high, you can do it online and if that $20 or $30 saves you aggravation from the DNR well worth it. Do you really want to "discuss" with Mr. Green Jeans whether or not you should be registered when you'd rather be fishing or sailing?

The fact of the matter is, you will never win an argument with any LEO on the water or the street. If he wants to write you a ticket, he will. Then you have to spend much more than that $20-$30 to go to a court and argue your case with the judge.


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I have a Mirage Tandem Island with the sail and I registered it. It didn't come with a COO so I just sent in all the other info. I figure it's a proof of ownership if someone decides to walk off with my 5000 dollar boat and I want to make a claim.


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If it is over 12 foot I would think you need to register. Once you add a sail it becomes a sailboat. Once you register it your county may charge yearly taxes on it along with registrations. Mine did (Forsyth)