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Hunting club opportunity on 4322 acres located in Clarke County Alabama. This 4322-acre club will be centrally located in the middle of approximately 20,000 continuous acres that will be transformed into a QDM co-operative set forth by the land manager. The area this property is in, has a proven history of producing better than average deer for the south. It offers a strong 10/12-point typical genetic traits, which is conducive for growing better than average deer.

We are under guidelines set forth by the land manger to have no more than (1) member per 250 acres of land and create a management program within our club. We are allowed up to (17) members with 4322 acres under this guideline, however our goal is to have (14) members (308 acers per member).

At (14) members the dues will be $3,500 paid annually. We will require a $1000 deposit at the time you commit to joining the club. The balance will be due no later than June 15th. We plan to have a camp established within reasonable driving distance to the property. It is our goal to have this camp in place and established by early to late summer. We currently have some options on the table we are checking into further!

Our desire is to offer a low-pressure hunting club, that manages for 4.5-year-old deer or older. Our focus will be on “age” rather than “antler score”. We would like to have further discussion and provide more detailed information with likeminded hunters that can afford and have the desire to be part of a club with this goal.
We do have a draft set of rules in place that we would like to implement. It is our hope we can find 14 members that have similar desires/goals. We are willing to share what we have drafted so far, but as stated we would like to have input from those that would like to be part of this opportunity.

The property is rolling hill/upland managed pines consisting of hardwood SMZ’s in the bottoms. This property is under a timber management program that requires timber harvest and controlled burns at various times throughout the year. The burn program is on a 3-year rotation, the property will have years where there will be sections burned and years that aren’t. The property currently has 25 established food plots with more to come this summer. The land manager has agreed to establish more food plots and repair all roads at their expense the first year. This is raw property that has not be hunted in (2) years. It will be challenging and require work to build this into a highly desirable hunting club. The good news, is we have the genetics, the amount of land that can be truly managed and (2) years of “No Hunting” to build off of right out the gate. This place will become one of the premier properties in Alabama to hunt in time! I would also like to be upfront and honest about the property. This property is not turn key and ready to hunt, I would like that understood. If you join, you will be a large part of building this club into what it will become in future years. Danny and I will welcome all the help that is offered to get this property set up in a timely manner. At (14) members the budget will allow us to accomplish some goals that are set for the first year and continue to progress with project/improvements in the following years. It’s our goal to have everything in place and running smoothly by year 3 or sooner, if possible.

This property will offer a January/February rut for those looking to extend their hunting season and hunt another states rut.

In closing, it’s our goal to be honest and up front with everyone interested in this opportunity. We will not lie or mislead anyone to get your money! We are firm believers, things shall not be changed after money swaps hands. All rules will be agreed upon and enforced on this property for everyone involved! If you have interest in this opportunity please send me a private message with your contact information.

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Guys - if Mike says the property has potential, you can sure he is right.

The guy has a nose for big deer!!!