classes that the ACL clubs will have!

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Elementary school $10 age 11 under. 40lb max draw and 220fps max
1.Traditional..15yd max
2.Olympic Recurve..20yd max
3.Fixed pin..20yd max max
Middle school $10 age 12-14, 50lb max draw, 240fps max
5.Traditional..20yd max
6.Olympic Recurve..25yd max
7.Fixed pin..30yd max max
High School $10 age 15-18, 60lb max, 260fps max
9.Traditional 20yd max
10.olympic recurve 30yd max
11.fixed pin 30yd max
12.Advance fixed pin. 40yd max .280fps max 40yd max .280fps max
Adult classes $15. money classes $20
14. traditional 25yd max .unknown yds
15.Novice 30yd max. known yds
16.Women's hunter 30yd max. known yds
17.Hunter 40yd max. known.yds
18.Women's Known 45yd max. known yds
19.Women's open 45yd max.unknown yds
20.Open hunter 45yds known yds
21.Open trophy. 45yd max. unknown
22.Known trophy. 45yd max. known yds
23. crossbow. 45yd known yds
24. Senior known. 45 yd max. known yds
25. senior open. 45 yd max. unknown yds
26.Crossbow.45yd max. known yds
27.Open money. 50yd max. unknown yds
28.Known Money. 50yd max. known yds
Money classes payout 50%. 1-7 shooters 100%,8/10 Shooters 70%/30%, 11+ shooters 60%/25%/15%
Trophy's awarded as at least 3 shooter 1st place, 3-5 shooters 1st &2nd, 6+ shooters 1st,2nd & 3rd.
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we are in Dewy Rose Ga. there is a few other clubs as well. toccoa, commerce, martin all northeast Ga. feel free to call me with any ????? 706-318-0610 Bobby