Clay County

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Planted summer plots yesterday in Clay County. Planted 1000 lbs of peanuts , 250 lbs of sunflowers , 250 lbs of peas and 50 lbs of
Millet , planning on going back and planting some grain sougrum on the side of some of the roads. It was a great day in the woods.
12 point do you have success with grain sorghum? We have one field in sorghum ever so often, but it seems their least favorite of the ag in the area (close by you)
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We have never planted sorghum before but our neighbors do every year but they leave it into the fall when it heads out thats when the deer like it.
How did yall fair through the storm?
My place got tore up. A 3/4 mile long rectangular tract of big hardwoods, with a logging road splitting it long ways from one end to the other. There are 100 ft trees laying across every foot of that road. I can barely hit my spots on foot. Getting a deer out will be silly. Heartbreak.
FYI . To anyone hunting up around the Garnersville Rd area there has been someone walking in on foot into our property at night and stealing trailcameras. This has happened two times now over the last few weeks . I have a good idea to whom is doing it ( truck description and tag number ) if anyone in the area is having issues with the same thing PM me and I will get you into contact with the same officer that I have been dealing with
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It's been a pretty good while since I have been on, Deer are keeping the protein feeders empty on my club in Clay County,
They are also wearing out the mineral sites
Been getting a lot of pics of groups of bucks with horn growing back on their head. Looks like it's going to be a good year.