Clearing trees from roads in the NF and WMA

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A lot of trees down and the DNR and USFS folks are over worked.

I did not know the rules and regs for taking a saw into a NF and clearing roads. I wish I had taken the time to find out earlier. I just assumed that shy of permits and permissions one couldn’t just start clearing downed trees in a NF.

Following is the public information I was able to acquire. Please do your own research and don’t just take my word for it, people make mistakes.

U.S. Forestry Service guidelines lines regarding clearing down trees:

1. If you come upon a tree across the road and want/need to cut it, you can do so as long as you don’t remove the wood from the forest. We do ask that if individuals cut trees from the road that they cut from ditch to ditch and clear the entire road.

2. If you want to remove the wood, a firewood permit is available for $20.00 from one of our district offices. This allows for the cutting of ONLY trees that are already down. You can remove 4 cords of wood per permit.

3. If you encounter a tree blocking a road and do not wish to cut it, please call the nearest district office and report it. We will send a saw team out as time/resources permit.

USFS District Offices:

Blue Ridge Ranger District
Blairsville, GA
Phone: 706 745-6928

Chattooga River Ranger District
Lakemont, GA
Phone: 706 754-6221

Conasauga Ranger District
Chatsworth, GA
Phone: 706 695-6736

Oconee Ranger District
Eatonton, GA
Phone: 706 485-3180
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I always keep a chainsaw in my truck. You'll eventually be sorry if you don't, if you spend very much time at all on mountain fs roads.