Close shooting: Too close for comfort

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So I was hunting this morning on a private lease (a few members to say the least). I have 5 birds gobbling. Well, here comes Mr Turkey Hunter blowing an owl call up the holler around 7:45 Birds are on the ground. He spooks three walking over them. Bird gobbling to my right is moving away. He keeps coming, blowing his hooter. I whistle. Still coming. I play Dixie on my Trumpet Yelper. Still coming. Blowing away. I yell SHUT THE HECK UP. He stops around 100 yards away. I move a little and just make an aggressive cutt toward the gobbler moving away. He hammers back and actually turns around despite the owling and yelling. I move a little and hear the guy calling. I move a little closer to the gobbler and set up. He gobbles once on his own after I sit down. I make a soft call, gobbles and I can hear him drumming but he's in a small depression. About 30 seconds later BOOM!!!!!!!! Literally jumped as I thought that fella had shot me. Nope, he shot the gobbler. Moved up and got between us and slung that turkey over his shoulder; really proud of himself.

I mean really. I know people are new to hunting and did not grow up doing it like I did. I don't want to take an elitist attitude here, but this happens far too often and you have to what point does common sense go out the window.

Common sense, let alone ethics, would dictate:

-If you're creeping around in full camo with a shotgun and you realize someone else is in full camo sneaking around with a'd probably leave.

-If you hear a turkey gobbling and realize someone is working it or that someone is even in the area...go find another one.

-If you hear gobblers and are walking...maybe not walk up eyeball to eyeball. You'll never sneak up on a turkey in open woods.

-If someone yells at you for being too close, maybe just leave. Don't try to shoot the turkey they've been working.

-Don't get between someone with a gun and their target.

Sorry for the rant, but I mean, I hear so many of these stories and then talk to the Warden who said there have been a lot of shootings, you just don't hear about all of them. Modern shotgun shells are pretty dang lethal on a human at turkey ranges if the shot hits the right place.

You think private land is better than public...not always. I've been hunting turkeys since 1986 and the last 5 years have been the worst I've ever seen in terms of idiot hunters (that's not read unethical or newbies, it's read idiot; no common sense). Ducks and turkey seems to be the worst. I don't deer hunt very much anymore, so maybe there as well.
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If there are going to be a bunch of hunters on a tract I'm hunting I'll go somewhere else.

Here's what I do for example when someone else is going to be hunting the same tract as me. We'll come up with a boundary line. For example a creek or a road that each of us don't cross. We'll stay in communication throughout the hunt thru text also.


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Glad you didn't get shot,people are so selfish. I almost was peppered last year,got to be careful on any land private or public


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This is why I stay away from most public land. We have only 2 turkey hunters on my place and we know how to act.I don't know what I would have done in your spot today but it would have likely not been nice.
I'd be upset too. Sorry it happened but glad you didn't get hurt. Maybe the rant helped lessen the anger some but unfortunately, unless you talk to the guy, I doubt he knows or perhaps thinks he did anything wrong. Since its a club, at least talk to the president or try to get someone else who knows the other guy have a little talk with him about turkey hunting ethics and safety.
I have that happen allot to me to leave if they stalking ! I've also shot in the air "AWAY FROM THEIR DIRECTION " , or run the bird off yelling " I'M A HUNTER DON'T SHOOT!!!! " I often killed those birds later in the morning or the season ! those are old timer tactics that I've heard about from some of the greats , always be careful no turkeys worth an accident !

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Well.... Thankfully my club is insanely more organized than yours... We have a pin in system and everybody abides by the rules and there are no conflicts.
Hate to be the devil's advocate but you did say in your rant that you can't sneak up on turkey in open woods..... he obviously did as he killed the turkey. My answer for these people has always been the opposite. Instead of getting mad and yelling and such I offer to take them hunting and call for them. I still get to work the bird and they get to learn the right way to deal with others. Who cares who shoots it, as long as I work it.
I was on some public land this past week. I roosted a bird and after he flew down he was working out a ridge circling towards me. When I got up to reposition myself in his path I came up on another guy in between me and him. Once i realized it was someone else I back out and went the other way. Sucked he was going to get in on my bird but no one got in a situation to get hurt. Part of public land. Can't win em all. However if I was paying for a lease and got in this situation I would be a little frustrated.
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Well bubbaf, he didn't sneak up on it; I probably should have elaborated. He set up on a tree and waited for the turkey to pass by. I got the full story from his brother later. As far as offering to take them hunting and calling in a bird for them...I'll leave that up to other folks and silently wish he just goes back to hunting from a pop up blind and decoys on a food plot somewhere.


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Keep some cheap loads on ya. I like to pop one up in the air and sometimes yell "low bird". Slip back in the next morning and make him flop


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If you played a song on your call and he still progressed I would have a serious issue. If the two of you may happened to both get under the same bird, then uh oh.
But if you announce your presence and he still comes, you should have scared him good with a shot.
gotta hate that,i had a guy walk up and look at my decoy on bullard creek wma was like he was deaf.but don't you like the one that's late to the woods stops his rattle trap truck every 200 yards jumps out and hoots then tries a lost call,yea ft stewart is good for that happening.