Clutch stuck to pressure plate ???

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97 TJ Jeep, Sat for a week in the drive way and now the clutch is stuck.
Any quick fixes ? Tons of ideas in the internet. (some not so good)


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Crank it by pushing/pulling it off. then drive the stew out of it. The heat should break it loose. Never seen one stick after sitting only for 1 week. You could have bigger issues.
Get someone to pull it, put it a higher gear... 3rd or 4th and when you get to about 10 or 15mph, dump the clutch. If it is just stuck from sitting that should break it loose.

Or course, it could be the hydraulic clutch slave or master has gone bad and leaked down, in which case, all the above will be a waste of time. I would probably get someone to push in the clutch pedal while I was under the truck to verify that the clutch is being disengaged. Make sure you scotch the wheels before you get under it.
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I put it in 4W-Low and started it in gear and road around the yard working the clutch in and out
And it broke free pretty quick.

Thanks guys


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Used to have an old truck that would stick like that. I would crank it up and let it pull itself and stomp the brakes hard. That would always free it up.