CMHC - South Carolina - Private / Exclusive Membership (spot filled - thanks!)

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Jim Boyd

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Folks - we have filled our opening for 2017 with GON member OleRod.

He is a great guy and had an excellent visit with us this weekend - and is already busy hanging stands, putting out feeders, building mineral licks, etc.

Rodney - welcome to CMHC!

Thanks to all that read and responded to the post. For those of you that were interested in joining and were waiting to determine if Rodney would become out newest member - I am sorry, but we are full for 2017....

Thanks all and best of luck this year!
Thanks Jim,
I really enjoyed myself on the visit. The club and members were everything I was hoping for. You are building something very special Jim and I'm glad to be part of it. Looking forward to a great season.
We picked Rodney?????? But, his wife is a Georgia fan..

Joking aside, Rodney welcome to CMHC. Look forward to many nights around the fire having an adult beverage and listening to some true classic country (Great get by the way on the Roy Acuff song)
I feel that all of us at CMHC can learn a great deal from you and I know you will find Karl to be a wonderful partner. he is a stand up guy and cares deeply for the land and the quality of the deer.
Welcome, my friend.

Keith aka Doe Commander 2015 Champion
Go Vols!!
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Jim Boyd

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We picked him BECAUSE his wife is a Georgia fan!

Go Dawgs!!!!!
Thanks Keith,
I'm really looking forward to a great season and learning from ya'll.
I'm learning every year I'm in the woods. Me and Karl hit it off and I know we will have a great year, might even kill a deer or three.
My wife said your in trouble come football season. ha ha.
Jim , she told me to tell you Go Dawgs!!!