Coil spring traps?

I'm no expert by any means as I have only been trapping this year but in my limited experience I have found the MB 550 offset to be the better trap as far as damage to the foot. I have caught 4 coyotes in MB's and 2 in Bridger offsets and the Bridgers had cut the legs on both. The MB's were uncut after removing the trap and there was only an indention where the trap had been.

I'm sure as I learn more what I'm doing and figure out how to do some modifications on my equipment then the Bridgers will be just fine....but right out of the box the MB offsets seem to be top of the line.

Best of luck!!


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A wide jaw face, plenty of swivels and a shock spring will minimize foot damage. Thick laminated or cast jaws can't cut into an animal's foot.