Columbus to Apalachicola Boat Run

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I hope this is the right forum to post this question. I've done a lot of research, but there I haven't found much information on the topic.

So after years of talking about it, the Brother-in-Law and I are finally floating from Columbus down to Apalachicola this month and meeting our wives down there. We plan on leaving early Tuesday morning and meeting the wives Friday in Cape San Blas where they will have the truck and trailer and we will have a room until Monday. We will be in a 23 foot center console offshore boat with a 100 gallon tank and a bimini top to try to hide from the sun. We plan on camping and/or staying on the boat the first few nights on each lake or in the bay. We may get a room on Seminole and possibly down in Apalachicola depending on how we feel. I figured it would take us about a day from Columbus to Eufaula, a day from Eufaula to Seminole, and then a day to get down to Apalachicola. We may make it quicker, we may take another day. We both took off the week and as long as we make it to Cape San Blas before the wives are ready to leave on Monday we should be good!

Has anyone made this trip recently? I have read the river was fine past Columbus for commercial use and that we should not have any problems in a deeper boat, but is this still true? We are good with camping and have made overnight trips before. I've been to both Eufaula and Seminole and am aware of the gators (I've hunted gators at Eufaula and at Seminole) and of the bugs.

Any advice or experiences would be greatly appreciated!


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Is the lock at the Dam on Seminole still in operation?

I`d count on two days from Lake Seminole down to the Bay.
I have run from Bainbridge to Apalachicola in one day. Spent the night then ran back up. If lock is closed you could get wives to meet you at Seminole and trailer around the lock.
Great trip. Have fun be careful and post some pics and a report.
I hope you are able to do this trip. One of the last times I was down in St George I met some guys that had come all the way down from there in their kayaks. They were ONLY looking for sharks to pull them on sleigh rides. At the time I met them I was astonished they made this journey! Rugged dudes. Their wives came down to drop them a vehicle on the gulf side of the trip to haul their yaks around from there. I have wanted to make the trip ever since, please do post a report!
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Thanks everyone. Tuesday morning as in a few weeks Tuesday morning. So, just called the Corps. The only lock operational on the trip is down at Seminole. They said Andrews and George Locks were both shut down for repairs, but never reopened because of funding. So, that kind of puts a wrinkle in the plans.
That is too bad. George (Eufaula) was the 2nd highest drop in elevation on eastern side of the US. It was neat just to go thru that lock.

You could still put in below Andrews and go to the Gulf. Most of your “adventure” will be on the Apalachicola, anyway.
OP indicated both the small lock above Seminole (Andrews Dam) and the big lock at Eufaula (Walter F George) are closed.

There is a boat-ramp below Andrews you can launch from. Then travel south the entire length of Seminole. You can then lock thru Woodruff dam into the Apalachicola.
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Yes, the lock at Eufaula and the lock at Andrews are both closed. We are looking at the ramp immediately below Andrews Dam. Our concern with this ramp is on Google Earth the ramp looks to be completely out of the water (now I know timing and Earth can be deceiving). Unfortunately, I guess I will be making the 5 hour round trip to go check this ramp out this weekend.